June 6, 2006

Brice and Emilie...the future Mr. & Mrs. Villaflor!!!

Yeah...the engagement has finally happened!!! My sister, Emilie, and her boyfriend, now fiance, of 5 1/2 years, got engaged on Saturday night. I'm so very excited for them!!! Brice took Emilie out for dinner at the Olive Garden here in Valencia, and after they finished their meal, Brice suggested that they go for a walk out by the waterfall right outside the restaurant. So they went out there, walked around for a few minutes and Brice said, " Okay, we are going to play a game. It's called sit on this bench and kiss your boyfriend." So they sat down and Em kissed him on the cheek, and then Brice said, "Okay, the next part of the game is to stare at that tree for five minutes." Emilie was pretty confused, but went along with it reluctantly. :) She just closed her eyes and started singing to herself. (I'm sure she probably looked a little special ed just sitting there with her eyes closed humming.) ha ha ha. Anyway, Brice came back and she opened her eyes and told her that five 1/2 years ago, he read her a poem and asked her a question (when they started dating) so he read her a beautiful poem that he had written. (Em was already crying) Then he whanded her a piece of paper rolled up with a big fatty fake ring around it. She opened it up and it was a birth certificate for a build-a-bear that he created for her that was all dressed up in a wedding dress. She turned around to look at it, as Brice had put it behind the bench and when she turned back around, Brice was down on his knee with the actual ring. He asked my sister to marry him, and the rest is history. Of course, she said yes, and was very emotional. She and Brice are GREAT for each other and I'm so excited to have Brice in the family...offically. He's going to make my sister a very happy bride!!! Congratulations again guys...and Brice, nice job on the ring!! It's just what she wanted and she LOVES it! When I get a picture, I'll post it for everyone to see!! So, wedding central, here we come. Next month, Mary and Kyle, November will be Em & Brice, and Katy and Beau in February!!! It's gonna be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

6 Random Things about Me!

Okay, I was tagged a couple of weeks ago by Kristal but have not had the chance to sit down and write anything. (Besides by previous posts!) I had to really think about it too...so here it goes...

1. I'm a bird-lover!!! I can't get enough bird-watching. I am absolutely fascinated at these awesome creatures that the Lord made. There are so many different species and colors and looks to them. One of my fav times is when I go to Mike's school, Bridgeport, and look around the little "lakes" there for birds. I have seen so many cool ones...black-crowned night herons, white egrets, red-winged blackbirds, geese with their goslings, mallards (ducks) with their ducklings, the list goes on... God was so very creative when he created animals and I'm glad that he thought to make feathery creatures that fly! :)

2. I'm married to my high-school sweetheart. I'm not sure if everyone knows that. Mike and I started dating when I was 16 and a junior at Saugus High School. We did break up a couple of times before we got engaged in October 2000, but for the most part, we were together for 4 1/2 years before we got married in April 2001. He is SO much fun and can always make me laugh. He is an amazing man and I'm so glad the Lord made a good choice for me. :) I love you, Mikey J!

3. I was a MAJOR tomboy growing up. My mom (the evil one) never let me grow my hair past my shoulders, so it ALWAYS looked really dorky and short! My 4th grade school picture is for sure the inspiration for the movie "Napoleon Dynamite." I have on a tye-dye shirt, and a perm with my short (we're talking short people) hair. SAD TIMES!!! Anyway...I loved playing with all the kids on my block, but always seemed to make friends easier with the boys. I was the only girl on my t-ball team growing up. I loved to surf with my uncle in the summers. I loved playing "war" with the boys on the hill behind the house I grew up in. I didn't mind getting dirty and rough. It was fun. I guess I'm still that way a little. My idea of a great vacation is going to Carpinteria State Beach and camping for a week!

4. My favorite movie is probably Jurassic Park...I absolutely love that movie. I know I went to see it at least 5 times in the movie theatre when it came out and I have watched it so many times, I know all the lines. It was the very first movie Mike and I watched on our surround sound system in our house. It definitely rocks with the surround sound. :) I hate scary movies...in fact, I really hate them. I'm a major weenie when it comes to horror films. I literally had nightmares for months, months people, after I watched "The Ring." Mike was pretty sick and tired of me waking up at night totally bawling and cuddling right next to him. Pathetic, I know...but they really screw with my brain!!! I do love action films, drama, chick-flicks, and suspense...but NOT horror. On the other hand, Mike's favorite category for movies would be horror...so sometimes it's a little hard choosing a movie to watch. :)

5. I have never really had a "best friend" in my life. I have had so many good friends, and friendships that I believe will last a lifetime, but no one that I have ever considered my "best friend." If I had to choose someone right now, I would say my sister, Emilie, hands down. She has always been a consistent friend to me and has always chosen to encourage me in everything, rather than picking on me. She is such an awesome Christian woman and I'm proud to consider her my friend above my sister! :)

6. I am a nerd, I ALWAYS have been and I ALWAYS will be. I have finally come to grips with that. I love reading, and learning new things. If I wasn't a mama, I would probably be in school getting a degree in something. I love the medical field. I love history. I love discovering new things. I love visiting museums. I love visiting historical landmarks. I love watching my kid "explore" and discover how to do things. And I love animals...as most of you know I have three, yes tres, cats. I'm crazy!

June 3, 2006

Nice hair, dude!!

Here's a picture of Cole and his awesome hair-do that I gave him while rocking him to sleep a few nights ago...rock on, dude!! :)