November 6, 2008

Halloween & Fall Festival...

Here are some pics from Halloween & the Fall Festival at Grace...

Gutting pumpkins is SO much fun! :)

"Ew Mom! Check out all this goo!"

"Mom, get it off!!!! I need to wash my hands RIGHT NOW!"
The only pumpkin that I actually carved...but it was pretty cool. :)

Cole's preschool class picture for their Halloween dress-up day! (2 days before Halloween)

Pretty much the cutest bat I've ever seen! Showing off his wings during Circle Time at preschool!
Cole and I all ready to go trick-or-treating around our neighborhood before heading to Fall Festival at Grace. I had my grandma's leather dress on from the 1940 or 50's that she wore to a costume party way back then! It was fun. :)

Trick-or-treating at Heather and Adam's house...
At the Fall Festival...he looks so happy here...most of the evening was spent in tears or tired fits...but he did have a blast going through Box City. :)Auntie Jamie met us and rocked out with us at the Fall Festival!!! What a punk! :)
Cole flying through the Conference Center showing us his skills. :)
At the end of the night, the Brache's took down their life size Spiderman from the roof of their car and we snapped a picture with him. Here's Cole shooting some webs with Spiderman! :)
All in all, we had a good evening and we got a TON of candy...which we are still trying to figure out ways to get rid of. :) Now, to my favorite holiday of the year...Thanksgiving!! :)