June 8, 2009

Have You...

checked out my new blog yet??? I've posted a few things and you've got to check it out. In fact, save the new blog info to your blog so it can tell you when I've updated my new one. :) It's called A Birder and Her Boy! Come on over!

March 30, 2009

A Fresh Start...

So, I've created a new blog...it's looks identical to this one (because I love this current layout), but I will be updating the new blog with new posts from now on. Please click on THIS link and it will take you to the new blog. Save the blog address so you can have access at your fingertips. :)

I just needed a new blog without the blog address of "koeglefamily." The "koeglefamily" is no longer in existence of what it was and I don't really like having a constant reminder of that on my computer...it's already in my heart every day.

Let me know your thoughts...

March 25, 2009


Emotions are interesting...some days I wish I had less emotion pouring out from within me. Some days I feel I don't have enough. But most days, I'm emotional. Yesterday, I was emotional. I had the opportunity to run into our neighbors, Mike and Kim, and I'm so glad. Today, Mike is leaving to go out of the country...he's being shipped out to Iraq for 8 months. And I am really sad to see him go. His wife threw him a huge going away party on Saturday with tons of friends, family and neighbors there to see him off. There was an awesome impromptu flag ceremony that brought even Mike, the tough military guy, to tears. He said, "The flag now means so much more to me than ever before." He believes in going to Iraq and fighting for his country and helping another. He is a great guy and I hope all who read this send up a prayer for him once in a while for his safety and protection...physical, spiritual, mental and emotional. As I left the party, I really didn't get a chance to say "goodbye" to Mike but I did ask if they were going to be around the next couple of days. They said yes and I thought, "Cool...I'll run into them." And I kept looking out the window trying to figure out if they were home or what over the next couple of days. Well, Tuesday came and I had the pleasure of having my friend Melody and her girl, Julia Rose, come over to play and when lunch time came around, Mel was hungry for Mexican food. Being 38 1/2 weeks preggo, I figured I'd just let her pick! :) When we pulled into the parking lot, I was pleasantly surprised to see Mike and Kim in their truck. I was hoping they were eating at the same restaurant...they weren't. Before I walked into our restaurant, I caught eyes with Mike and he came over and gave me a BIG hug. I told him that I'd be praying for him like crazy and that I'll miss him. And I told him, "You come back." His simple response said with a smile, "I will." I sat down inside with a heavy heart and told Mel who they were. Then I remembered that I had just put my camera in my purse right as I walked out the door. So I rushed out and found them a few doors down grabbing Chinese food and asked them if I could take a picture. The picture isn't the greatest with the best background, but I love it. And I'd love it if you upheld this couple in prayer with me over the next 8 months. Here they are...

At the impromptu flag ceremony...Here's Mike talking before the flag went up...Derek, Dave, Dave's buddy, and Mike readying the flag!When I got home from Bible Study last night, I saw these ribbons and again, got emotional. I haven't seen them in a while and we've never had them up on this street. But I'm glad they are up and they are a constant reminder to keep those deployed in our thoughts and especially prayers. Thanks Heather for taking the time to put all the ribbons up! I'm sure Kim will be surprised and grateful!!

Lord, please keep your watchful eye on Michael. Please protect him and keep him safe from any and all kinds of harm, whether it be physical, spiritual or emotional. Preserve him and Kim through this trying time and allow them to be together again when You see fit! AMEN! :)

March 19, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...so I'm a day off!! :)

Cole showing off his new helmet and bike skills...

Cole showing off his lady skills...

Cole showing off his "skateboarding" skills...Cole showing off his pouting skills...

Sonny showing off his posing skills...
And me having fun with the camera...
Comment away...

February 20, 2009

It was a SLO trip!

Last Friday, Cole and I took a trip to SLO to visit the Roughtons. It was a BLAST! The kids had a great time playing together and running around like crazies with home-made super-hero capes on (thanks to Summer) and we were able to pop in and out of the house to do a few things as the weather permitted. We had SUCH a wonderful time and we are so thankful for you, Summer and Todd, Ashlynn and Jeremy, and for your friendship! Thanks for hosting us in your home and making us feel at home too! And thanks for all the delicious meals!! Here are some pics of the weekend...check them out. There are some REALLY cool pictures! Let me know what you think!

February 19, 2009

Birthday Time!

Yesterday, the 18th, was my mom's (29th) birthday and her best friend, Judy, called me a couple of weeks ago with a plan. The plan was to surprise her at work and take her away for the day. So, I called her boss and asked if there was any way we could pull this off and have her take a personal day without my mom actually knowing. She said yes and so the plan was on. And then the plan was off with the weather being what it was for the last week. And then when the weatherman said it was supposed to clear out on Wednesday...it was back on! :) So, my dad took the day off of work, he and Cole and I piled jackets, bird books, binoculars and snacks into the car, picked up Judy and headed over to Mom's work yesterday. We came in singing "Happy Birthday" and I videotaped us going in. And then Dad told her what we were doing and she was SO excited! She quickly shut everything down and we got the heck out of there! We headed up to our fav coastal spot...Carp(interia)...and had lunch at the Cajun Kitchen...SO tasty! We actually ran into Judy's brother and sister-in-law, Ted and Sue, and they joined our table.
After our great meals, we headed over to the Salt Marsh Bird Reserve and walked around for about an hour or so.
We saw the usual birds...Great and Snowy Egrets, a cute pair of Ruddy Ducks, a whole slew of American coots, a beautiful Green-winged Teal, good 'ol Mallards, many Buffleheads and a couple of Great Blue Herons.
Just as we were turning around, Mom called out "Hey guys...I see something HUGE! It looks like a little boat in the water, but I think it's a bird. Seriously, it's really big guys. Come check it out." Judy and I were like, "Sure Mom, okay...we'll come over and look," thinking "Yeah, sure. Whatever Mom." But low and behold...she saw a bird we had never seen before in the wild. It was an almost-adult Mute Swan. They are mostly on the East Coast and around the Great Lakes, so to see one in the wild on the Pacific Coast was certainly a treat. We were able to get right over it on the birding path and take a whole bunch of pictures...here are just a few. :)
And while we were checking out our Mute Swan, we looked overhead and saw this beautiful Sharp-Shinned Hawk. Another first for me. :)
After birding, we headed back to the car to open presents. Probably not the best setting to open presents, but my mom was able to sit down, which was necessary. :)
Then we decided to head up to Lake Casitas and check out the lake area and campground there. They have a pretty amazing campground up there, complete with trailer and boat rentals, a camp store, many playgrounds and nice picnic areas. Just after the sun set, we found a cute Great Blue Heron wading in the shallows looking for dinner. Speaking of dinner, we drove back down to Carp and ate at one of our fav restaurants, The Palms.
We had a great dinner and then headed home, tired from our fun all-day adventure! Happy birthday to the best Mom around...you are such a great woman, wonderful mother and awesome grandma. I love you SO much Mamua. :)

February 10, 2009


On Sunday night, I had the privilege to sing with an incredible choir...the choir from Cal Baptist University. Our GBC choir sang with them on 2 songs and I think we sounded pretty good! After we sang our two songs, Emilie and I sat back in our seats and enjoyed the rest of the concert. As soon as I sat down, I saw my sweet boy, Cole, come down the aisle and join me. I was excited that he came with my mom and dad and was able to see me and Auntie sing! Towards the end of the concert, we had a short prayer time and while Pastor Peter was praying, Cole was SO concerned and wanted to know..."Do you like cheese dogs?!" And the question wasn't whispered. I seriously lost it! It was one of those moments in church where you can't control yourself and you feel like everyone is looking at you. I just laughed so hard that my laugh was silent and my whole body shook. I think he asked the same question, "Do you like cheese dogs?" five times and with each repeat, I laughed even harder. Leave it to the kid to make me lose all control!