June 19, 2008

June Update...

Hello! I've been so busy (and lazy) and haven't updated this blog in a LONG time! :) So, here goes! I'll give you the personal updates first: Cole just started Summer Day Camp - Camp Clarita - through the city and he's doing really well. It's very similar to preschool and yes, this mama cried when she walked away and left her teeny tiny son at "school" for the first time. He did very well the first day, no tears as I left, and had many cool things to show me when he was finished. The second morning did not go very well, many tears and screams, but ended up doing well throughout the morning. And again, he had some awesome art projects to show me at the end of the day! I'm so in shock that he's old enough to be going and doing something like this...yes, they really do grow up that fast!!!
Picking up his macaroni art project from his "cubby."
So excited to show me what he's made today!!! :)

But we've been enjoying the warm summer nights and days.

Emotionally, Cole has had a very tough month. He's been able to express verbally what he's going through and how our situation makes him sad. It's just heartbreaking hearing him say the things he does. But, we try and talk through his tears and I really try and help him get through the emotions. It's terrible to hear your son cry, "I just want my daddy to come back." But, the Lord is good and he is helping both of us get through and heal. I've had a tough past couple of weeks, but really feel that this week has been better and there has been more healing. I've had the chance to get some counseling through Grace and am SO thankful that they have the resources they do and are willing and able to share them!

Cole and I had the opportunity to house-sit for the Parsons family last week and had a BLAST! We had their whole, beautiful house to ourselves for 9 nights and really took advantage of it! We watched movies and hung out and just had some mommy and Coley time. It was SO great!

We celebrated my dad's 64th birthday on May 29th and just had dinner up at my parent's house and hung out...good family times!! Dad, I'm so thankful that we've had "extra" years with you and I'm so grateful for you and the example you are for us! I LOVE YOU!!! :)

Cole has been loving having a great big backyard to play in over the 4 months we've lived here...he's picked up a few sports as well. Here is him practicing his t-ball!!!

And he swings...
....it's a HOMERUN!!!!!! And the crowd goes wild!!! :)

My good friend, Jamie, and I were able to "get-away" a couple of weekends ago and we went to Huntington Beach for a Friday night and then were able to catch our fave band, Dizmas, play at the Huntington Beach Summerfest. We had such a blast! On Friday night we hit up Duke's on the beach for a tasty seafood dinner and an evening walk on the pier. On Saturday we hit up the local Denny's, had a blast singing to the seriously awesome tunes they had, and then hit up the beach for the rest of they day. After most of the bands played, we were able to hang out and have dinner/chat with a couple of the Dizmas boys and their friends and get some face time in before they leave to go on the road for most of the summer. Thanks Jamie for GOOD TIMES!

Here's Jamie at the pizza place where we ate dinner with Edwin (roadie) in the background.
"Under the Boardwalk...under the sun....Under the Boardwalk..."
I've loved being able to take many outside pictures in the backyard lately. I love photographing plants and flowers for some reason. Here are a couple of cool ones of recent times...

Here are the cute baby sparrows that were right outside our back door...it was so awesome watching them from tiny, blue eggs to peeping babies to flying birdies!!! WAY COOL!! :) (Their nest was on top of our outside speakers in the backyard.)
Well...that's about it...sorry for the long blog. Hopefully you can leave some comments. And I hope you are doing well!!! Have a great upcoming weekend!