August 18, 2006

Breakfast at the Koegle's

So I just had to share these pics from this morning...Grandma has shown Cole how to drink the milk from his bowl after his Cheerios are finished. The first SEVERAL times, more milk ended up on the high chair and Cole than in his belly. However, he has almost perfected this feat and is just so stinkin' cute!!! I think he's quite talented...what do you think???


Hello all...just thought I would jot down a few things! This week has been pretty packed! On Tuesday night, after Justin took off, Cole and I met up with Debra and Beast and we trekked down to Wana Iguana for some dinner outside on the patio. I had such an awesome time chatting with you Deb, and I feel very lucky that we are so close in proximity so we can get together often (hopefully!!). Mike started back to work on Monday after being off for his 2 week break from teaching summer school! It has been crazy and I pray that he just gets through next week as it is his last week of summer school at CSUN and going down to Northridge 3 nights a week! He is a stallion for taking on this crazy schedule!! The kids came back to school on Wednesday and he said the first day went really well. We spent some time in his classroom putting up bulletin boards, cleaning, and organizing on Sunday and Tuesday and I must say, the room looks great. He also made two new additions to the ball pythons! Cole and I went to visit and meet them last night and they are very cool! They are about 1 1/2 feet long and about 9 or 10 weeks old. I must admit that I was pretty nervous holding them, but I'll get used to it. While I was holding the boy snake, Cole came whipping around a corner of the classroom, fell and smashed his face on the not-so-padded carpet. He immediately started crying and Mike grabbed him up and blood came rushing out of his mouth! That was when Mike really freaked out and I put the snake back in the cage and ran to help. We're still not sure what exactly was bleeding in his mouth, but let's just say that Cole's shirt, Mike's shirt and some carpet has the proof. He ended up crying for about 3 or 4 minutes, while bleeding everywhere, saw the snakes in the cage and immediately started saying, "Turtles, turtles" and was fine. (Most animals these days are turtles to Cole) While he was recovering, he just kept saying, "Mama, mama, mama, nuk, mama." I tell ya, he just melts my heart when I'm the one to comfort him. He's such a trooper and a little boy. And I must say, he is quite the awesome sleeper. It's 10:22 right now and he is still asleep from last night. He'll probably get up in the next 30 minutes. He pretty much sleeps for 12 hours and we put him to bed at about 10:40 last night.. I feel so blessed to have such an easy child!! I have the day off from watching Justin, as his parents are celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary in San Diego this weekend, so I'm going to try and catch up on some stuff today and take the Colester for a walk to the park around the corner from our house. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!!

August 2, 2006

Weekend Update...A Birthday, A Date, and A Wedding!

Well, it's been a whirlwind weekend, but an amazing I'll try to be brief...well, maybe not! :) So here goes...

Friday, I had the day off for my 26th birthday! The whole day was planned out...we dropped Cole off at Lindsay's house and then went to Oats & Whey for breakfast...very much recommended...and then went next door to Illumina Spa for two whole hours of massage and facial bliss. Mike and I were treated to a couple's massage for our anniversary from my parents and we added on facials to the day so we could do the whole experience. Mike was pretty nervous about going, seeing as how he'd never been to a spa, but thoroughly enjoyed every second of it! It was SO awesome. Then we strolled, wait, floated next door to Accent Nails and had pedicures (and I had a manicure too) which was totally rad as well! It was a very relaxing day to say the least!!! We picked up Coley and headed down to Tierra Rajada Ranch for Mary and Kyle's wedding rehearsal. The day was beautiful and the rehearsal went so smoothly. For the rehearsal dinner, we drove a few miles away to "The Secret Garden," a french restaurant in Moorpark that was INCREDIBLE. They have a real "secret garden" behind the restaurant that was all set up with pretty tables and candles and so on...the Richardson's did a wonderful job. We all raved about our meals and the service was incredible! We definitely HIGHLY recommend the place if you are in that area!

Saturday...In the morning, we headed to Telly's for breakfast with my parents and had a great meal. The three of us went home, did a few things around the house to make up for the time out and about and then got ready for my secret birthday date. Mike had planned a special date for the two of us and kept it all a secret from me. We dropped Cole off at my parent's for the evening and then headed down the 405 freeway...and drove and drove and drove. We finally ended up in Costa Mesa, a city I've never really visited so I still had no idea where we were going. Well, we pulled up to a restaurant called Scott's Seafood Grill & Bar. Looked pretty fancy and indeed it was. We were seated immediately thanks to Mike's reservations and enjoyed some awesome food!! I had the BEST bowl of clam chowder soup I've ever tasted and we both raved over our filet mignon dinners. I did order my standard drink...a vodka gimlet...which most definitely was the strongest drink ever and I really loosened up. :) Something I don't do too often, that's for sure! Anyway, at about 7:45, I heard a bell ring in the restaurant and Mike got up out of his seat and said, "Okay...let's start walking." I followed him out of the restaurant and onto a path to the Orange County Performing Arts Center, about a 4 minute walk from Scott's. He had tickets for us to see "Celtic Woman." I'm not sure if you've ever heard of them, seeing as how they are not too popular (yet) in the States, but they are UNBELIEVABLE! It is a group of 4 women that sing and one woman on the fiddle playing Celtic music. HOLY COW, it was by far the best show I've ever seen. What a treat, it was the first time the group had been to this country to perform. I was SO excited and it turned out to be AMAZING! I highly suggest you head to Best Buy and pick up their CD...I know you'll enjoy it! Thank you Mike for a night to was SO much fun! :)

Sunday...Mary & Kyle's Wedding Day! :) Our friend Tammy did Kelsey's and my hair and it looked great...thanks Tammy again, you are awesome! :) Emilie, Kelsey and I headed to Tinna's house for makeup time and then got in the car to go to Tierra Rajada Ranch for pictures. When we arrived most everything had been done and the place looked incredible! We all got dressed and started taking pictures, then Emilie, Barrett, Tinna and I had a sound check for the song we were singing and then readied ourselves for the wedding. The day was so beautiful...we couldn't have asked for a prettier one! The days previous were some of the hottest days on record in Southern California and I was, needless to say, pretty nervous about melting in this outside wedding and reception. But it was perfect. The wedding went perfectly and Mary looked GORGEOUS! Here is a picture of her... And here's a picture of the adorable ring bearer and mama heading down the aisle... I must tell you, I was more nervous about this minute and a half, than singing or anything else. But, Cole did perfectly and sat through the whole wedding like an angel. I was a very PROUD mama! :) Here's a picture of Mary and Kyle after the wedding getting ready for pictures... What a handsome couple, huh?! And here's Mike and I and Emilie and Brice dancing the night away!!

All in all, it was amazing weekend. Lots of wonderful memories!! Congratulations Kyle and Mary on your beautiful wedding and we hope you have the best time in Hawaii!! :) Thank you to everyone that pitched in this weekend watching Cole so Mike and I enjoyed a great two days! Hope you all were not too bored reading this! Have a great rest of your week!