January 31, 2008

It's Been a While..

Wow, it's been a while since I've had a chance to update this. I'm not even sure what to write down, as my life has kind of been turned upside down. To keep this short and P.C., I would like to ask for prayer for Mike and I and our marriage. It has certainly had its ups and downs over the last almost 7 years, and we are definitely in a down right now. Most of you know that Mike and I are separated right now. Mike moved into his own apartment two weekends ago and is in desperate need for prayer right now. I would appreciate any and all prayer warriors to step up and send those prayers to our Lord. He can work miracles in a heartbeat or in a lifetime...it's up to us to have the faith!

I find so much comfort in knowing that the Lord walks with us every step of our lives. It's amazing to me that even in times of sorrow, disappointment, anger, happiness, joy, He is still there. And even when we sin, He is still right there to pick us up when we ask for His forgiveness and repent from our evil, sinful ways. I know that the Lord promises us He will never give us more than we can handle...and knowing that makes me stand amazed thinking how He has allowed the trials in my life to come my way and that I'm a strong enough woman of God to handle it all. Sometimes I think He may have chosen the wrong person as I tire spiritually when so much is going on. However, when I start to let my spiritual life "sag," I am encouraged by so many friends and family to keep my faith in the Lord and to delve deeper in my relationship with Him every day. I think I've prayed more over the last 4 weeks than in the last year. Sad, but true. Thank you for those who have been such an encouragement and shoulder for me to cry on over the last month....I cannot express what you mean to me in my life right now!

My hope and prayer is that the Lord will say "Well done, my daughter. I'm proud of the way you handled yourself and the trials I've put in your life." I feel that I am doing Him proud now, and I pray that I continue to have that attitude towards life. When I feel anger or bitterness or sin to creep up in my life, to be able to recognize it swiftly and to stomp it out! And even in the good times. Because there will be good times again. There will be happy days for my family. I have the confidence that the Lord can do ANYTHING! Please continue to pray for our little family...for Mike and his walk with the Lord, for myself and patience, faith, courage, and joy, and for my sweet, sweet Cole, that he would know how much we love him and that the Lord loves him, too.

I'm looking to find new homes for my adorable puppies, Neo & Trinity. The are a combo of white lab and boxer, but look just like black labs. Neo has the white patch on his chest and looks a little more boxer than Trinity. Trinity is almost completely black. If you or anyone you know is willing to even take a look and consider them, I would be grateful. I have the home I'm living in right now until February 23rd when our lease is up and then I'll be moving in with my parents. They are gracious enough to allow me to bring my 3 cats for a trial run and see how that goes, but it would just be too much for everyone if the puppies came too. They have new furniture in their home and I respect their wishes for it not to be ruined! So, that being said, I would love if the puppies could find a home together...that would be my wish for them. They have been together since birth and I don't want to have to separate them, but if need be, that's what will happen. Here is a fairly recent picture of them in our backyard...

Thank you for your continued prayers and my hope is that you would also be encouraged to deepen your relationship with the Lord, wherever your walk may be. Be bold for Christ, that's what He wants us to be! Be joyful in all circumstances! Be faithful!