January 29, 2009


So, at the end of December, T-Mobile was having a super awesome sale on phones and I was able to get a "texting" phone for free-99. :) Basically, it retailed at $199, I paid $50 for it, but I got a $50 mail-in-rebate for it, so it'll be free. Wahoo! And...to make the deal even sweeter, I received a free companion flight as well! I didn't even know that I qualified for that special and was pleasantly surprised when I was handed all the literature. And I've been dying to go to Portland to visit Mary, Kyle & Wyatt and all the bald eagles up there, so I was super-excited! You had to go through a whole month-long process just to get a pin number to look through possible flights, so I needed to be patient. Okay, I can handle that. Well, I got the booking pin yesterday, one month after I bought the phone, and thought I'd give the flights a little looksey. ARGH! The cost of one flight on their so-called deal is more than the price of 2 flights going through several other websites. The cheapest flight that was available from here to Portland was $541. I could get 2 tickets for the times I want for $380 through JetBlue. What kind of freakin' deal is that?????? I'm definitely miffed and I think I'll call T-Mobile and see what I can do. Very frustrating, don't ya think????

January 28, 2009

Good times with the Davis'!

On Saturday, the 17th, my family had our annual Davis Get-together...we can't even call it a Christmas get-together any more as it's usually in January due to everyone's busy schedules. Most of the Davis clan was able to make it down to Laguna "Goonie" Beach for an afternoon/evening full of family time! Cole was so bummed as his "cousin" Zachary was still on vacation in Hawaii and his other "cousin," Savannah, was really sick at home. He did get to meet his newest "cousin" Phoenix and really thought she was cute! We had a great time of catching up and I was so excited that Cole could finally meet my Aunt Sue and Uncle Jim. They came in from Florida and everyone was glad they were able to make it out...it's been a LONG time! Here are a few pictures...

They sure do have beautiful sunsets from this balcony!!
Cole and Dusty playing Legos and building something together...good thing Dust is an architect!
Pretty darn cute if you ask me! :)Dusty and Cole playing with the huge bouncy ball from Aunti Di & Uncle Roger!
Uncle Roger, Emilie and Dad comparing bellies...I think Uncle Roger won! Or lost...I don't know!Dad strummin' some tunes for everyone to listen to...Aunt Sue getting her fill of Phoenix...what a sweet girl!
Thanks Uncle Roger & Aunti Di for opening up your home to all of us yet again. We had such a great time and I hope it's not another year before we see everyone again! KATO! :)

January 15, 2009

I've Been Tagged!

Thanks Laina!!

1. Where is your cell phone? On my nightstand
2. Your significant other? Well...he's working...if you want to still call him my sig. other.
3. Your hair? Needs a cut!!!
4. Your mother? Is working right now and still not feeling great! :(
5. Your father? Is also at work, probably writing a song :)
6. Your favorite thing(s)? My God, my son, my family, my friends, birding, reading, the beach...
7. Your dream last night? This is weird...that Cole's jaw popped out of place, but he was okay and I was FREAKED OUT! Dude...I don't know about that one!
8. Your favorite drink? Tie between hot tea and Dr. Pepper
9. Your dream/goal? To raise my son to see a difference in me and follow the Lord. To go on an Alaskan cruise. To go to Florida and Texas to bird. To read my Bible EVERY day!
10. The room you’re in? Cole's room...pretty soon I'll have my own desk in my own room with my own computer! YAHOO!
11. Your fear? Not being able to protect Cole
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Walking with the Lord and in my own place.
13. Where were you last night? With Emilie and Laina at Kaiser for a birth class
14. What you’re not? A messy person. A boy. An atheist. A germophob.
15. Muffins/donuts? Donuts...all the way!
16. One of your wish list items? A REALLY nice camera and a spotting scope w/ camera.
17. Where you grew up? Santa Clarita
18. The last thing you did? Paid bills :(
19. What are you wearing? Pj's...for another couple of minutes and then it's shower time!
20. Your TV? In storage
21. Your pet? Tux - the best cat ever and Cleo - the love bug who annoys you every chance she can. :)
22. Your computer? In the garage in a box...waiting to come out!
23. Your life? Blessed, busy, exciting, challenging, prayerful, and FUN!
24. Your mood? Calm
25. Missing someone? My two puppies that I gave away last year.
26. Favorite pastime? Birding, beaching, watching (TV and movies), playing (cards & games & catch with Cole) and reading!
27. Something you’re not wearing? Jewelry
28. Favorite Store? I don't know...probably Walmart ;)
29. Your summer? is going to be busy
30. Your favorite color? Blue
31. When is the last time you laughed? Yesterday afternoon when Cole was pushing me around the backyard on HIS tricycle...it was hilarious! I don't really fit at all!
32. Last time you cried? At Tinna and James' wedding on Sunday. :)
33. Who will re-post this? Who knows!
34. Four places I go over and over? Church, school, Trader Joe's and Walmart
35. Four people who e-mail me? Kohl's, Emilie, Jenn & my Yahoo reminders. :)
36. Four of my favorite foods? Chips and dip, Vegetables, Chicken Enchiladas, and Brownies
37. Four places I would like to be right now? Carpinteria, done with my class, feeling 100% and in someone's arms...it's been a while. ;)
38. Four people I tag? Julie, Kristal, Kim and Summer :)

January 13, 2009


So I caught a couple of furry creatures stealing my birdseed from one of the feeders yesterday morning...and they were pretty cute. :) I was able to walk right up to the little guys and take pictures a few inches away. Here they are feasting away...

My mom wants to "get rid of them," however, I think they are too cute for words.

Maybe I'm just a softy. :)

January 7, 2009


Cole received many games for Christmas and we have only just begun digging into them and giving them a whirl. Here are some pics of the first time he played SORRY! It was very fun!
Cole and Grandma starting out the game!Cole getting the winning card and...doing the victory dance, card in hand! :)
He very much enjoyed saying, "SORRY!" with quite the silly accent. Oh what fun it is to play games with a youngster. :)

January 6, 2009

Tea Time!

On Saturday, Lindsay and Bev took my mom, sister and me out to afternoon tea at The Gilded Rose Manor in the valley. We had such a nice time catching up, sipping some great tea and eating some tasty tea-time treats. :)
Emilie, Mom and me...
Linds and Bev...
I love the details...
All of us girlies...
Thank you, ladies, for such a wonderful afternoon filled with friends and fellowship. I love you all!

January 1, 2009