February 28, 2006

What's Going On..

Hi everybody...I have fallen off the "bloggin'" wagon for a little while. It's been crazy busy in the Koegle household. Valentine's Day was fun...Mike, Cole and I were down in Riverside, CA for a conference for 3 nights that Mike attended and we walked to dinner right down the street from our nice hotel. We dined at Coco's (yeah, I know) and then walked back to the hotel and enjoyed an quiet evening with the family. We have just been busy with the day to day things. This past weekend, I attended a baby shower for our wonderful friend Kristal Sawyer. She is due March 24th and our Sunday School Class through her a shower. It was a ton of fun and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. Kristal, you are going to the best mama ever and remember, I'm here for you anytime!! And Mike rode his bike along with about 60 other cyclists to Santa Paula to catch a glimpse of the Tour de California race. He made it all the way there and halfway back and decided to call in back-up when his crew reached Fillmore. He rode a total of 50 miles...I know, pretty incredible. A special thanks to John Long and Brian Daly for keeping him safe on the ride! This week, Mike will be working extra hard to get caught up with school and work and then hopefully, will be able to enjoy a nice, relaxing weekend before his "century" that he will be riding in on March 11th in Solvang. (For all of you who don't know cycling terms...that means he will be riding 100 miles...in one day.) He sure loves riding with the guys and keeping in shape! I'll try and take pictures of the ride to share with you all.

February 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Happy Birthday, Mom!! This is a picture of Cole and Grandma on Thanksgiving Day, 2005. The beautiful sunset was such a bonus for the picture! Mom, our wish is that you have a wonderful birthday and an incredible year! We thank God for you every day and wonder how we got so lucky as to have such an awesome mom and grandma! We look forward to the many fun things we will do this next year and hope you will be richly blessed! You are an amazing mother and grandmother and you are VERY loved!! Posted by Picasa

February 8, 2006

More Birthday Cake!

Here is Cole thoroughly enjoying his piece of birthday cake! He finally realized it was okay to dig in and BOY, did he!! What a super-cheesy smile, huh?! Posted by Picasa

Birthday cake!

Here is Cole with his first piece of birthday cake. At first he was a little timid, and only ate it with a couple of fingers. But after he got the hang of it, he just went to town! Posted by Picasa

Cole the Birthday Boy

This is a picture of the birthday boy at the beginning of the party! He actually slept through the first 45 minutes of his own party as he tired himself out in the morning playing with Sonny, my parents dog! Doesn't he look so cute in his little collared dress shirt...just like daddy! :) Mike loves seeing him in these kinds of outfits...a Mikey-in-the-making!  Posted by Picasa

February 6, 2006

Happy 1st Birthday, our little Cole!

Happy Birthday to you, Coley! This weekend we celebrated Cole's BIG 1st birthday with many friends and family! Thank you Grandma & G-Pop for opening your home for the birthday bash! And thank you to all our friends and family for attending! We can't believe it's already been a year since Cole came into our lives. God has so RICHLY blessed our lives with our son and we couldn't be more thankful! Cole, you are truly an angel and we love you so much!! Here is a picture of the cake that I made for the party. I know what you all are thinking...I bought the cake. But, sure enough, I made it, with the help of Mrs. Cake-maker herself, my mom!! I was very proud! It sure was tasty too! The theme of the party was Safari since Cole isn't interested in TV at all yet. But he sure does love animals!!!
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February 1, 2006

Happy Birthday PopPop!!!

Happy Birthday to "PopPop" Koegle!!! Today is Big Bob's 59th birthday!! We wish you a very happy birthday and a blessed next year! Thank you for all your support and love. And thank you for being an absolutely amazing "PopPop" for Cole. He loves you so much and can't wait to see you this weekend! We love you so very much!! (This picture was taken when Cole was about 1 1/2 weeks old! Look at how little he was!) Posted by Picasa