October 20, 2008

Autumn Greetings to you!

Here is a picture from our family trip to Lombardi's Ranch!! We enjoyed the day so much!!

I took lots of pictures...to see the rest of the album, click the link below and check them out!!!


Hope you enjoyed the pictures...and enjoy your fall season! :)

Happy Birthday Bricicle!!

We celebrated Brice's 26th birthday on Saturday the 11th by going to Red Robin, going to a home C.O.C. football game, and then coming here to play cards games! We also went out to dinner at Sisley's on his actual birthday, which was the 13th! It was a celebration weekend!!! Here are a couple of pictures from the Saturday celebration!

Brice, I hope you had a wonderful birthday and I'm so very thankful for you and all that you are to me and to Cole! I pray that the Lord will RICHLY bless you and your FAMILY this next year! :)

October 10, 2008

NKOTB Concert...Really.

So, Lindsay and Brian have a hook-up at the Staples Center and were able to get tickets to the SOLD-OUT New Kids On The Block concert that was on Wednesday night. Linds and I were not feelin' the love before we left and weren't all that excited...I had had a major migraine that day and was not feeling good at all. Thankfully, my migraine meds worked wonders and I was able to go with Linds and we had a GREAT time. Once we got there, we felt the love and the excitement. It was loads of fun listening to and groovin' to music from SO long ago. NKOTB was actually really good and their voices were even better than I remember. They put on an excellent show and we were so happy that we went! We even got to see Natasha Beddingfield perform about 5 songs for the preshow. She's got some serious lungs! Here are a few pics that I thought were pretty good...we were sitting in the VIP section on the left side of the stage. :) Thanks again, Linds, for taking me...I had such a good time!!! And thanks to you, I've renewed my MAJOR crush on Jordan Knight. :)

Linds and I in front of the...
Natasha Beddingfield...
And the crowd goes seriously and absolutely berzerk!!!
Oh Oh uh Oh oh, Oh oh uh oh, Oh Oh uh Oh oh, The Right Stuff... :)
Yes...Jordan was singing to me...
The Staples Center was completely packed...it was awesome...and deafening!
Singing "Forever"
They were so sneaky and somehow teleported to the back of the Staples Center and sang on a rotating stage and Jordan played the piano...they sang about 3 songs out there...very cool...
And had a dancer on top of the piano...
Joe McIntyre dancing with a lucky lady...
Jordan singing a solo song...with his shirt unbuttoned...blowing by a fan...OH LORD!
Joe singing to the ladies!
Donnie saying, "This goes out to Renelle, baby, wherever you are..." LOL!
Spotlights are fun.
There goes Jordan again, singing to me...
Do you see the halos about them...I think they're my angels. :)
Wish I was in the front row right then! :)
End of the concert...and "Hangin' Tough!"

"Good night Lindsay and Renelle...thanks for coming!" :)
Great show...Fun times! :)

October 3, 2008

I'm interested...

I know I'm weird...I've accepted it. I've got to know...who brushes their teeth when they shower? Does anyone else beside me? Just wondering...

P.S. You should just accept it too...