February 10, 2009


On Sunday night, I had the privilege to sing with an incredible choir...the choir from Cal Baptist University. Our GBC choir sang with them on 2 songs and I think we sounded pretty good! After we sang our two songs, Emilie and I sat back in our seats and enjoyed the rest of the concert. As soon as I sat down, I saw my sweet boy, Cole, come down the aisle and join me. I was excited that he came with my mom and dad and was able to see me and Auntie sing! Towards the end of the concert, we had a short prayer time and while Pastor Peter was praying, Cole was SO concerned and wanted to know..."Do you like cheese dogs?!" And the question wasn't whispered. I seriously lost it! It was one of those moments in church where you can't control yourself and you feel like everyone is looking at you. I just laughed so hard that my laugh was silent and my whole body shook. I think he asked the same question, "Do you like cheese dogs?" five times and with each repeat, I laughed even harder. Leave it to the kid to make me lose all control!


Kim Givens said...

Ha Ha... so funny! Well... I want to know... Do you like cheese dogs???

Emilie said...

That was probably Cole's funniest moment so far! I lost it too! I'm sure he'll top it, but that is it for me so far! :)